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A little bit about us

With over 25 years in the beauty industry, a powerful call for change sparked within me as I was approaching my 40s and embracing motherhood. This transformative moment birthed the vision of Kito Kids—a collection of environmentally conscious clothing, accessories, and newborn gifts.

Kito Kids is not just a professional endeavour; it's a mission. Our goal is to design and produce a line of clothing and accessories that empowers parents to make ethical choices for their precious little ones. 

Our collection is a testament to our deep commitment to environmental sustainability and our high regard for people. We exclusively use organic materials, including GOTS certified cotton, renowned for its luxurious softness and gentle touch on the sensitive skin of babies. Within our collections, each piece is the result of a magical collaboration between skilled designers and illustrators. The outcome is an enchanting universe that prioritizes the planet and your children.

Pursue conscious decision-making and pick our range of baby clothes and accessories that are not only fashion-forward but also gentle on your toddler’s delicate skin. 

At Kito Kids, sustainability is not just a commitment, but our very essence. We meticulously handpick natural fabrics such as linen and organic cotton to create eco-conscious and charming children's clothing.

We adhere to strict environmental standards and fair-trade practices during every step of the way, from sourcing raw materials to final manufacturing. We aim to harmonize high-quality, stylish products with a minimal environmental footprint. We go beyond traditional fashion norms, meticulously assessing the lifecycle of each garment. This approach reflects our commitment to a future where conscious consumption is the norm.

We take pride in our certifications from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX® 

STANDARD 100. GOTS ensures dignified working conditions and environmental respect in the entire production process, providing credible assurance of a product's organic nature. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, on the other hand, is a globally recognized certification for textiles tested for harmful substances, guaranteeing high product safety and instilling confidence in our customers. These certifications reaffirm our dedication to producing textiles that are not only environmentally friendly but also safe for those who wear them.

The heartbeat of our clothing line lies in the hands and creative minds of our esteemed partners, Julia from Poland and Mariana from Ukraine.

Julia, our primary manufacturer, plays a pivotal role in crafting our clothing and selected accessories. Her unwavering dedication to quality aligns seamlessly with Kito Kids' vision, resulting in impeccably crafted, durable pieces that embody sustainable fashion.

Mariana, an artist and designer based in Ukraine, adds a unique finesse to our collection with her handmade linen toys. Her commitment to craftsmanship, professional expertise, and flexible approach make her an integral part of our collaborative team.

Kito Kids delivers the perfect fit that is comfortable and durable! Our easy-to-follow size guide provides comprehensive assistance for our entire range of products and helps you choose the ideal size for your child.

Each product comes with specific care instructions to ensure its longevity. Follow our recommended practices, such as gentle washing and ideally air-drying, to preserve the vibrant colors and retain the softness of the fabric. Avoid harsh detergents and bleach to significantly extend the life of your cherished Kito Kids clothes and watch your child cherish them for ages. 

Choosing Kito Kids means choosing comfort, style, and durability for your little ones. Trust us to provide you with quality clothing that stands the test of time. 

Kito Kids

the epitome of sustainability and style, which makes ethical choices seamlessly accessible for parents.