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Designer & Brand Collaboration

Discover the magic of comfort and style with our adorable baby clothes and accessories collection! We've partnered with the finest baby brands to bring you a world of cuddly joy. Wrap your little one in love and quality – because every moment with your baby is precious. Explore our collaborative creations and celebrate the sweetness of parenthood.

Designer - Ryn Frank

Ryn Frank, a renowned illustrator and creative designer, is a talent to behold. Specializing in fine-line illustration and typography, Ryn's works are imbued with an organic and whimsical charm that feels both deeply personal and universally relatable. Each illustration is painstakingly drawn by hand, influenced by a life steeped in nature. She finds inspiration in the simplest of pleasures, whether it is days spent sketching by the ocean, collecting flowers, or pottering around the garden.

I have the honor and privilege of creating my first Kito Kids collection in collaboration with Ryn Frank who created the prints for this magnificent collection called “le petit potager” (the little vegetable garden). 

Brand – Elhée

Elhée is a brand built from a mother's perspective and was founded by Allison Piraud. Allison was dissatisfied with the male-dominated baby bottle industry and set forth on a mission to bring a much-needed change. The result was BibRond, the first infant container designed entirely by a mother. This innovation revolutionised the world of baby products, transforming the baby bottle from a mere functional object to an integral part of a family's everyday life.

Brand – Frigg

Frigg is a brand that is as intriguing as the Norse mythology that inspires it. It stands as a testament to motherly love and safety, bringing to life the values represented by Frigg - the Norse Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility. Drawing from the mythology of this nurturing goddess, Frigg has managed to create a universe that is dedicated to the safety and soothing comfort of little ones. Thus, when combined with the high-class Danish design, created outcomes that promote the wellness and health of our little ones. 

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of production. From their focus on durability and recycling to their minimisation of single-use culture, Frigg consistently prioritises eco-friendly practices.

Brand – Mushie

Mushie was born out of a quest to immerse the often-chaotic world of parenthood in calmness. Since its establishment in 2018, Mushie has been devoted to creating essential products that are symbols of tranquillity and order for both parents and their children. Mushie products are designed with the utmost care and prioritise the well-being of your family, by employing only nontoxic materials such as food-grade silicone and organic cotton. In addition, Mushie exclusively collaborates with fair-trade suppliers to maintain a high-quality standard.

But Mushie's thoughtfulness transcends beyond their products. They aim to create items that stand the test of time to tackle the consumerist culture of single-use and disposable goods. By crafting durable goods, Mushie ensures that their products can be reused and even handed down, fostering a sense of heritage and continuity. 

Brand – Strickgut

At Strickgut, modern design juxtaposes with timelessness. Their baby and toddler knitting collection, made of 100% merino wool, offers comfort and durability, while staying abreast of any new trends. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Strickgut's products are a testament to fine craftsmanship and the brand's dedication to providing the very best for the little ones.

Strickgut goes beyond just making clothes. They are driven by a vision of sustainability that is evident right from their manufacturing process to their choices in terms of packaging. The knitwear collection consciously steps away from the trend of fast fashion to reintroduce the ideals guiding slow fashion. 

Kito Kids

The epitome of sustainability and style, which makes ethical choices seamlessly accessible for parents.